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Riding Academies/Equestrian Centers

It's always been a hobby/fascination of mine to research facilities and layouts of equestrian centers/riding academies. I don't know why this particular aspect of the horse world stuck out to me but maybe I was an architect in a past life. The urge to look up stables just struck me again today, hence this crazy journal of craziness.

When I was about 12 or 13 I would spend hours a day searching the net looking up the best of the best when it came to horse facilities. My favorite show was The Saddle Club not only for the horse-related adventures and lack of any of kind of school (seriously, those kids spent 24/7/365 at Pine Hollow), but because the facility was gorgeous. I took notes and tried to figure out exactly how it was set-up. Nowadays, they've replaced the original cast because they grew up and I just can't stand to watch it.

I had, and probably still have somewhere, blueprints of a center that I called "Lavender Fields Riding Academy". It would be built within a wooded area so that there could be hundreds of acres of riding trails and beautiful scenery to make the place stand out more. One large barn, two indoor arenas, three specialized outdoor arenas, fields, runs w/ shelters, I seriously had every option in mind while designing.

Sadly I know nothing about the business end of these centers and barns so my best bet would be to open a facility when I retire. I'm probably going to get some kind of degree in Equine Science eventually, I just can't deal with the snobs at CSU. XP I'd be okay with retiring there though because I designed my house to be on the property. Haha! I can imagine it now, the construction and landscape architecture that would make my place beautiful, the boarders and kids hanging out at the clubhouse or taking their horses out for trail riding and lessons in the arenas, it's honestly a place that I'd love to live the rest of my days.
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I probably need to update!

 Well, now I am, haha! My life has actually been fairly eventful for the past year. I regret not posting something much earlier, but I can't change the past now. :P

First of all, I was on the Tyra Banks show and I spoke on the subject of sorority hazing. I was involved with a pretty big story here on campus with a sorority. I never made any comments to newspapers or the news (and they literally put "no comment", haha!), so I guess I just took the next big step and went straight to national television. XD They paid for everything, including my flight and stay in N.Y.C. I was only there for a little over a day, but I loved walking around the city. And it was pretty awesome seeing how a television show works behind the scenes. They did my make-up and gave me an outfit, and I looked good, haha!

Next big adventure was probably England. I studied abroad there the fall of 2009 for a semester, and I can easily say it was one of the best experiences of my life. It didn't really hit me until I got home how much of an impact that trip left. I still think about all the friends I made, and I want to go back as soon as possible (not just to England, but I want to venture around Europe as a whole). It's going to be a while though since I have to save from the ground up for my next trip. :/

The most recent thing is probably my conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes, I'm a Mormon now. XD I met with the missionaries in England, and it was all down hill from there, as they say, haha! But it was a fantastic decision, and I've never felt closer to the Lord. I enjoy every day on a newer and deeper level.

I guess upcoming are just RMFC '10, MFF '10, and work at the hotel in Estes Park! I can't wait to see what life throws at me next. ^^
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Robbery IRL. Srs business.

So, I just saw a King Soopers get robbed, fo' realz! D:

I was driving past the front of a King Soopers with my dog in the passenger seat and we were all chill. Then I saw a guy running out the front, and I first guessed he was a teenager because they're crazy like that, but then I realized the guy was like 30 and people were chasing after him. There were employees yelling "STOP!" and "DROP IT!".

Luckily I happened to be driving towards him at that second and in order to get around my car he had to jump on the little median and he tripped. The employees were all happy like "YES! We got him!" But then he got right back up and started running. Then he was pulling something out of his shirt and I freaked the hell out 'cuz I thought it was a gun and he was going to carjack me or something, but he wasn't that smart and just kept running. They tried running after him, but it didn't look good as he was really fast. I sure hope they caught him eventually!

I probably should've just hit him (softly, mind you) when I realized he was a bad guy... That would've definitely stopped him! Afterward, even my dog was like "WTF?!?"
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My eyes... they burn!

Well, ya see, the only reason I'm even posting is because a friend held me a gunpoint and watched as my eyes slowly rotted from staring at the computer screen. I refuse to say any names though. *cough*HYPOMANIC*cough*

So, my life is a TON less emo now. I'm happy at Colorado State University, and my life seems much less depressing after meeting with the best psychologist EVAR! My life is going great, my first semester was hard, but rewarding, and I'm making new friends! :)

And I shall now go kill my OLD ones. *follows Hypomanic with a machete*
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Just testing!

Haha, you can pay this entry no mind! I just created this journal, and I plan to keep up with it! I'm just testing out different things for now! ^.^

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